You were the goddess of hope

The sorceress of sin

Not the angel of nope

Who wouldn’t let me in

Then the truth seeped out

Like berries to gin

Your smile was poison

Your ideas were too thin

You’re a product, a brand

Code in the wind

Wherever you land

Is when death will begin.



Welcome to Los Angeles

Where palm trees scrub

The shit brown sky

And blood runs in the gutters

From all the dreams

That come and die

Welcome to Los Angeles

Where forgein cars cry

When it rains

And all the streets

Of hope and promise

Dead end in the Valley

Forever trapped

In the cul-de-sac of pain.



You are the umbrella

That folds when it rains

The origami of sadness

The toilet bowl stain

You are the darkness

In a town painted red

The salt on a snail

The wet in the bed

Every word you speak

Is woke legalese

You turn puppies

And sunshine

Into a lethal disease.



When the wheels stopped

And the jelly bean jar

Dropped from the sky

All the school children

In all the schools in the land

Put pencil to paper and wrote

Songs of heartache and sorrow

Until their eyes bled

And their leads ran dry

Leaving behind nothing

But crusty sugar cane husks

Where they once had joy

And the most magnificent hands.